Live Concerts

Live Musicians

We offer free, live music before you set off on your dangerous trek through the Trail of Terror! Get your rock on (or pop, or hip-hop, or whatever) as you wait with bated breath and ever-increasing levels of antici…………….pation and anxiety. Just try to ignore the screams in the background – some of them are real, you know…

Wanna be in the show?

Wanna be in a show? Got your band? Need a gig? Use our contact form to drop us a line. We’re booking bands now for the 2019 season! Send us your band’s name, genre, and general needs and we’ll get back to you!

2019 Concert Season

Now announcing the 2019 concert line-up for the Stoney Point Trail of Terror! While waiting to enter Fayetteville’s scariest and most haunted fire department, enjoy the show brought to you by local musicians!

  • 4 October – Irrational Handshake
  • 5 October – The Scroggins Band
  • 11 October – Irrational Handshake
  • 12 October – Fourth Hour
  • 18 October – Double feature: The Sherman Neckties and Keyes
  • 19 October – The Scroggins Band
  • 25 October – The Mother Nothes
  • 26 October – Reckless Abandon
  • 30 October – Chris Delawder
  • 31 October – The Mother Notes
  • 1 Nov – The Kevin Regan Band
  • 2 Nov – Pending

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