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We offer free, live music before you set off on your dangerous trek through the Trail of Terror! Get your rock on (or pop, or hip-hop, or whatever) as you wait with bated breath and ever-increasing levels of antici…………….pation and anxiety. Just try to ignore the screams in the background – some of them are real, you know…




2018 Concert Season

5 and 6 October

The Chemical Lizards

October 12

Irrational Handshake

13 October

The Sherman Neckties

19 October

Scroggins Band

20 October

The Kevin Regan Band

26 October

Fourth Hour

27 October

Reckless Abandon

30 October

South Palomino Jukebox

31 October

Returning for an encore performance will be the Kevin Regan Band!

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DJ D-mon

DJ D-mon began his career traveling the small club circuit in Transylvania. After a couple hundred years of touring eastern Europe, his particular style of deathcore-trance-techno started to spread to the rest of the world.

With the conclusion of his world tour with DJs Deadmau5 and Skrillex, he got a call from the Stoney Point Trail of Terror to hype the crowd waiting in line to enter the main attraction. After learning he was their fourth choice he immediately accepted. He has entertained patrons for many years with covers of dance hits “Thriller” and “The Time Warp.” During the off-season, DJ D-mon wrapped up the soundtrack to “It” and has plans to join Tupac and Elvis in a resurrection tour coming to a cemetery near you!

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