Before we get started, we have a few ground rules in place. We expect all customers to enjoy their time at the event and to comply with the rules below.

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The holder of any Stoney Point Trail of Terror ticket (“the Ticket Holder”) agrees and understands the inherent liability associated with haunted house attendance. The Ticket Holder voluntarily accepts all risks and dangers associated with participation in the event. By entering the attraction, the Ticket Holder releases the operators, its parent corporations, affiliates, officers, employees, volunteers, and all other ancillary staff from any liability, harm, injury, death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly from attending this or any other event at this location.

The Stoney Point Fire Department’s Trail of Terror uses a variety of industry-leading techniques, mechanisms, effects, procedures, and methods to induce significant fear responses. Due to the nature of the attraction, we strongly do not recommend the Trail for the following groups:

  • children under the age of 13 (this remains expressly at parents’ discretion)
  • individuals with heart or breathing conditions
  • photosensitive or epileptic individuals
  • pregnant women

By purchasing a ticket, you indicate that you have read and agree to abide by the rules below. Enter at your own risk – if you dare!
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The Rules

  1. We, the Stoney Point Fire Department, reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason. Patrons determined to be presenting a disturbance or harassing others will be asked to leave willingly; those refusing will be escorted off the premises.
  2. No alcohol on the premises. Patrons found in possession of alcohol will be asked to dispose of it prior to proceeding through the Trail. Cans, bottles, or other associated materials will be discarded in the appropriate on-site containers.
  3. No smoking on the Trail (and yes, this includes vaping). Attendees will be expected to extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, or other items prior to entering the Trail. If you won’t put it out, we will.
  4. No profanity. We appreciate the surprising nature of some of our scares – but please try to control your outbursts. Though this is a fear-based event, it is intended for amusement. So have fun – seriously.
  5. No touching the actors. They cannot touch you – though they may get very close. Pushing, shoving, or striking the actors is expressly prohibited. Attendees found to be harassing the actors will be escorted from the premises. All reports of violence (accidental or otherwise) are investigated and appropriate local authorities notified.
  6. No cell phones, cameras, flash photography, flashlights, video cameras, or other light-generating devices. The spooks won’t haunt if there’s too much light.
  7. No touching the props. Unless absolutely necessary (e.g., passing through a curtained doorway), please do not touch the props in any scenes or attached to the walls. Destruction of property will result in immediate removal from fire department grounds. If the damage is determined to be malicious, appropriate local authorities will be notified.
  8. No weapons of any kind. This may include, but is not limited to, firearms, pocket knives, utility knives, pepper spray, electrical devices, less-lethal implements, or other defensive devices. Please secure these items in your vehicle prior to walking through the Trail.
  9. The Stoney Point Fire Department, its employees, volunteers, and affiliated personnel are not liable for stolen, lost, or damaged items while attendees are on the property. If you might lose it – or think you might lose it – leave it in your car!
  10. If at any time you feel unable to continue your travel through the Trail, please let the nearest guy or ghoul know and you will be escorted to safety.
  11. If you are wearing a costume to the Trail, please leave all props and masks in your vehicle. Props, masks, and similar items can be turned over to the staff to be collected at the end of the Trail.

Legal Actions

Stoney Point Fire Department and its staff take all allegations of harassment, assault, battery, and vandalism seriously. Trail staff and actors are community residents and volunteers and the Department will not tolerate any actions deemed intentionally harmful. Stoney Point employs local law enforcement personnel during Trail hours for patron and staff safety. Patrons deemed in violation of local ordinances will be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law.

Mobility-Impaired Individuals

Individuals with impaired mobility or other special needs: at this time, the Trail of Terror remains an outdoor event with a variety of steps, stairs, inclines, confined spaces, and limited access corridors. Please call ahead to verify accessibility requirements prior to entering the Trail. We will assist you to the best of our abilities.
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Lost and Found

Please notify staff of any lost items immediately. Patrons will not be allowed to re-enter the Trail to search for lost items. Patrons will need to provide a detailed description of the missing items and location last known. Any found items on the Trail will be returned to the Ticket Booth and secured by staff members.
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Are you ready to get your scare on?